Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Priority Productive Chains


We promote the production and marketing of fine aroma cocoa, particularly the national variety, as a product with an economic, agronomic, environmental and cultural tie to small producers in tropical areas throughout Ecuador. In addition to its competitive advantages in the international market, fine aroma cocoa represents a short-term and sustainable means of significantly increasing the revenues of small farmers.

We have contributed to improving the quality of life of small fine aroma cocoa producers in the major cocoa-growing areas of Ecuador (Esmeraldas, Los Rios, Manabi, Santo Domingo and the Northern Amazon region) through integrated crop management and post-harvest processes. The associative marketing of this product to niche markets, often with organic certification, has allowed producers to obtain better prices for their product.



We promote the production and marketing of Andean grains and cereals as a sustainable development alternative for highland families, especially indigenous families. These Andean products play an important role in household food sovereignty. In many cases, they are the only products adaptable to the area’s climatic conditions. Consequently, when marketing, priority is given to products that are in high demand, both nationally and internationally.



We promote the strengthening of the productive high altitude coffee chain to improve the living conditions of small farmers living in zones with limited economic options and high poverty rates. We also provide coffee-growers with support to improve their production and post-harvest processes as a means of increasing volumes and product quality, improving prices paid to producers and generating higher income for families.

Easy to manage and with potential for several regions in the country, this product is preferred by small producers due to its environmental and cultural factors.



The production and marketing of bamboo cane in association constitutes a sustainable development alternative for producers on the Ecuadorian coast. It generates income for farmers, and contributes to conserving the micro-watersheds, an important water source for the population.

With a view to commercial and environmental conservation, we have accompanied family farmers in the provinces of Manabi, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and Los Rios. Bamboo cane management processes and associative marketing have increased the profitability of this product.



We support responsible tourism proposals related to priority agricultural products. Tourism routes include: cocoa, coffee, bamboo or Andean products. This activity seeks to promote or generate a dynamic economy as a means of consolidating the productive chains and generating additional income for families. This type of tourism requires no major infrastructure but, rather, harnesses the environment provided by nature as well as agricultural and cultural activities characteristic of local social groups. We also encourage eco-tourism and community proposals as sustainable development alternatives and as a way of conserving each zone’s natural resources and cultures.

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