Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Installed capacity

Areas in which we leverage our installed capacity:

  • Managing the entire project cycle: development, formulation, approval, monitoring, evaluation, closure and systematization.
  • Development and implementation of technical-financial management systems in projects and / or social development programs.
  • Implementation of Human Development with Focusing in organizations, institutions and companies.
  • Definition, implementation and channeling policies, strategies and methodologies in projects and / or social development programs.
  • Developing methodologies and operating tools for functional management.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Results-Based Management.
  • Implementation of environmental management.
  • Implementation of training plans for teachers involved in educational processes.
  • Impact assessments.
  • Promotion of innovative production initiatives.
  • Identification and articulation of production chains.
  • Planning for development.
  • Analyzing options for accessing alternative financial services.
  • Formulating business plans.
  • Channeling resources from Local and International Cooperation for implementing development proposals.