Saturday, 24 August 2019

Constructing Non-Violence in the Province of Chimborazo

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Co-ejecutor: Fundación Apoyo Humanitario “Ascender” Ecuador

Location:       Province of Chimborazo

In the Andean region of Chimborazo, Ecuador’s poorest area, in communities located 3,000 and 3,500 meters above sea level, women, men and indigenous farmers have taken on board communication practices aimed at reducing violence. They have also been trained in agro-ecological production and women's rights. In a context of domestic violence, fueled by poverty, a lack of alternatives and social problems such as alcoholism and early pregnancy, the implementation of the Human Development with Focusing model has led to attitudinal changes ranging from more respectful and felt communications, increased self-esteem and an improved relationship with the environment. Rural women listen to Mother Earth or "allpa mama" and can now relate to terms of respect and a vision of long-term sustainability.


This Project seeks to reduce gender violence, contribute to the sustainability of productive and associative processes as well as health and food sovereignty in the communities and organizations in the cantons of Colta, Guamote, Penipe, Chambo Guano and Riobamba.


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