Saturday, 21 September 2019

The basis of human interaction within FECD


The Pause is the essence of human interaction within and outside of the Institution. It is the space where thought occupies a specific and precise place. It is the basis for a more complete intelligence, where the intellectual and the bodily integrate. It is the space where the gap of perception and action widens. Creativity, attentive listening, the deeper body felt, and much more have arisen and will arise from the Pause. It is the essence of FECD’s principles and fundaments.

FECD promotes the Literacy of the Pause as a possibility for peace in Ecuador and the world.

· Innovation

Means creating. It’s to discover. It’s to journey along the edge of uncertainty, touching the unknown, venturing into the illogical. It’s to feel. It’s to perceive, not only intellectually but also bodily and to act thereon. It’s the release of the body’s deep-seated knowledge, providing the intellect with the space it needs to generate a movement towards life.

· Integrity

It’s the authenticity of each human towards itself. It’s to express what one feels, to realize one’s own truth and act accordingly. It’s to express what one has discovered, to transcend the boundary from what one feels to what one feels. It means giving the required time and space to the intellect, acting from the experienced and the felt, through the Pause. It’s to be aware of “being”, entering entirely into the context, all the time. It’s accepting what arises, as it is.

· Attentive listening

It’s to contemplate the Pause. It’s to accompany one’s own felt sense with respect and kindness, and do likewise with others. It’s to listen and respond with consideration and precision to what others express. It’s to give space, both to the explicit or the superficial, as well as to the implicit and the profound. It’s to rely on the body. It’s to allow a flourishing. It’s to give and receive. It’s to learn together.